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Campus Decorum

Campus Decorum:-

It is the moral Duty of every student of Defence Academy to maintain the Campus Decorum by following the bellow points.

  • At in our Defense Academy, the students should have a sense of elation for being a student of an Academy and regard for their mentors and superiors.
  • All the Students at Defence Academy the students has no right to insult, instigate or use any threatening language when they talk with their fellow students.
  • All the Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave with decorum when talking to their friends and staff members.
  • Students should also help in keeping the campus neat and clean. Spitting, throwing pieces of paper, writing on the walls, etc are not allowed inside the Academy campus.
  • All the students of Defence Academy act in a very responsible manner with everyone and should not harm or damage the property.
  • No notice of any kind shall be circulated among students or displayed on notice boards or blackboards without the written permission and approval of the Director.
  • Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the notice boards. Ignorance of not reading any notice or circular displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it.
  • all the students are supposed to deposit their courses fee well in the time. if anyone not deposits their fee on time then they would be charged fine for the late fee.
  • the students of Defence Academy Help to maintain the beauty, serenity and greenery of the campus. Your suggestions for campus beautification & development shall always be welcome.
  • Students shall come to the campus in a clean, tidy and decent dress in a well-disciplined manner.
  • The Management or Director/Principal’s decision shall be final in all matters of punishment of the students for the violation of any of the rules and regulation of the campus.

Class Room Decorum:-

  • When the students enter once in their classroom they should follow the strict silence irrespective of the No student is permitted to leave the classroom during class hours under the pretext of going toilets, visiting an office, etc.
  • The use of cell phone for any student is strictly prohibited in the academy.
  • In the case of vacant classes, the students have not allowed loitering in the corridor. the academy allows their students to use their vacant hours in the library to gain some extra knowledge.
  • It is the prime duty of every students to follow the prescribed rules of our academy to maintain our decorum.

Students Query Form

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