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Best Sainik School Coaching In India

Sainik School is a reputed Public School which train and prepare candidates for their bright future in Defence. But it is not easy to crack. The students have to qualify for the National Level entrance exam. The students have to do a great deal of hard work to be well-prepared for the exam and this is not possible without proper guidance and coaching. All about 26 Sainik Schools in the country. You need to crack All India Sainik Schools Exams, defence Academy comes with extensively prepared study material, Mock Tests, Solve previous years questions papers and expert’s guidance to make students confident and fully prepared for the exam. The Defence Academy has a long history of producing great defence officers for the Indian Defence service.

Sainik School Coaching Center In India offers:

✔ Special Lectures on personality development
✔ High efficient and experienced faculties
✔ Competitive environment
✔ Condensed study material
✔ Modern classrooms

sainik school jaipur

sainik school coaching in jaipur
sainik school coaching jaipur
sainik school coaching jaipur

The Best Sainik School Coaching Institute In India


Class 6 - 10 to 11 years
Class 9 – 13 to 14 years

Sainik School Syllabus

Subjects for class 6 1. Mathematics and Language ability test (200Marks)
2. Intelligence Test (100 Marks)
Subjects for class 9 1. Mathematics and science (200+75 marks)
2. English and Social studies (100+75)

Exam Pattern Class 6

Mathematics: Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Fraction and decimals, BODMAS rule, LCM and HCF, Average, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio and proportion, Simple interest, Square root, Area and perimeter, Geometry, Triangle, circle, Algebraic expression.
English: Tenses, Sentences- Negative, affirmative and Interrogative, Prepositions, Articles, One word answers/Fill in the blanks, Singular and plural Forms, Homonyms, Synonyms,Antonyms, Spellings, jumbled words.
GK (Science): Living things and non-things and their interdependence, Plants and Animals, Human body, Food & Nutrition, Diseases, Rocks and Minerals, Air, Water, and Weather, Natural Satellite, Environment, Natural Calamities etc.
GK (Social Studies): Freedom Fighters, and Reformers, Our Freedom Struggle, Solar System, Planets and Satellites, Continents and Oceans, Motion of the earth, Latitudes and Longitudes, Climate, Structure of Government, United Nations and its Functions.

Sainik School Exam Preparation In India

Exam Pattern Class 9

Mathematics: Square and square roots, Cube and cube roots, Rational Exponents and Radicals, Profit, Loss and Discount, Compound Interest, Algebraic Identities, polynomials, Equations in one variable, Parallel lines, Quadrilaterals and a special type of quadrilaterals, Circles, Surface area and volumes, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere and solids, Statistics and Frequency tables.
English: Spotting Errors, clauses, Active and Passive voice, Reported Speech, Prepositions, Tenses, Articles, Antonyms and Synonyms, Rearrange jumbled words and its sentences, Adjectives, Adverb, Comparative and Superlative Degrees, Questions Tags and Framing Sentences.
Science: The universe, Air & Soil, Structure of Atom, Metal and Non-Metal, Carbon, cell Structure and its Functions, Microorganisms, Refraction of light, Electricity and Magnetism, Sources of Energy, Common Diseases, Food production and Management.
History: India and the Modern World, India in the 18th Century, The British rule in India, Policies and impact of British rule, Revolt against British rule, British Administration in India after 1857, Changes in Economic Life, Religion and Social reforms movements, Culture awakening, Struggle of Swaraj, Nationalist Movements, Achievements of Independence.
Civics: Indian Constitutes, Parliament, Criminal Justice System, Law and Social justice, Secularism, Development issues, Globalisation, India and united nations, United Nations and International agencies, Foreign Policy of India, India and its neighbours.
Geography: Natural Disasters, Earthquake, Cyclone, Volcanoes, Floods, Environment degradation, Natural resources- Land, Soil, Air, Energy, Water and Minerals, Plants and wildlife, agriculture, Manufacturing industries and Human Resources.

Guidance And Training Under Retd. Officers


Col. Puneet Sehgal (Retd.)

15+ Years Experience

Since 15+ years, our students are provided with the best coaching for SSB under the guidance of Group Testing Officer Col. Puneet Sehgal (Retd.)


I.G. B.K Sharma (Retd.)

14+ Years Experience

Enriching the students to have the best knowledge of Army / Navy / Airforce atmosphere and culture since +14 years by I.G. B.K Sharma (Retd.)


Captian Uttam Singh Gill (Retd.)

12+ Years Experience

Under the guidance of Captian Uttam Singh Gill (Retd.), experience 12+, our students are getting rich knowledge to serve in Indian Defence.


Major V.P.S Rawat (Retd)

10+ Years Experience

For more than 10+ years Well experienced officer of Indian Army Major V.P.S Rawat (Retd), had held numerous motivational & counselling sessions across India.

Our Facilities

Online Courses

Online & Offline Classes

Defense Academy has a specialization in giving high class instructing for the Online & Offline. Our exertion makes us the Best Defense Exam Coaching Academy in the India.

SSB Training

Training Ground

Training Ground, do play a key role in your preparation, as they know the right preparation approach and also have years of experience.

Hostel Facility

Hostel Facility

Defence Academy provides you with the best standards of Hostel Facility. Our focus is on creating an amicable learning environment for our students & make Defence Exams cleared.

Study Material

Study Material

Defence academy is one of the leading institutes for providing Stydy Material. We are serving with the professional faculty with the self-dedication staff for Defence Exam.

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